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Olympics – Part 2

Submitted by on August 4, 2012 – 9:11 amNo Comment

Greetings from the Olympic Park! We attended two games of women’s team handball yesterday. It is a hard sport to describe, having elements of basketball, lacrosse and water polo. With the back & forth scoring, I am surprised it is not popular in the USA.

They have done an amazing job on the Olympic Park. In talking with athletes, they like the layout of the facilities. In past games, the venues were so far from the athlete’s village, they felt too separated from the sports. Here, the village is across a walking bridge from the major events.

The spirit of the Olympics is noticeable. Before each handball match, the athletes presented their competitors and officials with pins and banners from their country. The fans were excited, but polite; cheering for both teams at times. After the matches, the crowd gave the competitors a standing ovation, and the athletes returned the gesture to the fans.

The sports medicine at the event was interesting to say the least. It is a physical sport, with many falls and injury time outs. Each time, the athletic trainer ran out with just an ice pack, holding it on their thigh/knee/elbow for just a few seconds, as if that would make a difference. One athlete twisted her knee and the medics wasted no time in moving her onto a stretcher and carrying her off the court. Also a surprising response, as we typically help athletes up to walk off with our assistance.



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