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My New Job

Submitted by on February 17, 2011 – 5:23 amNo Comment

On top of my private massage practice & Muscle Wisdom classes, I have been given the opportunity to become part of a new business venture.  Starting in September 2010, I became the Associate Director of The Running Institute, and started work with physical therapist Pete Kitto and track coach Ron Warhurst.  Pete has worked with professional track & field athletes for over a decade, working USA Olympic Trials and World Championships, and is mentioned in the book “Sub-4”.  Ron is the former University of Michigan Track & Cross Country coach.  He has trained NCAA champions, Olympic medalists, Boston Marathon champions, and is considered a legend in distance running.The Running Institute Team

This new business is part of Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists (MRS) in Hamburg, Michigan.  The facility includes physical therapy and a fitness & performance training center.  The focus of our work is on prevention and rehabilitation of running injuries as well as performance improvement.  We have some pretty cool equipment at our disposal, including an AlterG “antigravity” treadmill.  It’s pretty fun to try, if you ever get the chance.

With this new business, I am now able to utilize more of my educational and work experience.  I lead the video gait (running) analysis, generating reports on distance runners of all levels, working with Ron to provide feedback and recommendations on corrective stretches and exercises.  For those of you who have taken one of my courses, you know how much I enjoy looking at the mechanics of movement to identify potential problems!

On top of this, there is a small group of elite, post-collegiate distance runners who are coached by Ron, preparing for the 2012 London Olympics (called Team Michigan Elite).  I am the massage therapist and strength & conditioning coach to this group, working to maintain muscle balance, reduce the chance of injury, and strengthen key muscles to help them with their performance.

The best part of this new position is the opportunity for me to learn from some incredibly experienced professionals in rehabilitation, running, and performance coaching.  I hope to bring the added insight I have gained into the future workshops!


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