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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you teach more often?

I wish I could.  I love teaching and sharing information with others around the country, but I work as a full-time therapist.  My time is split between working at my massage therapy practice and a physical therapy clinic.  When organizing courses, I must schedule them around the competitive events of my athletes, so I am available for their preparation & recovery.

On top of that, my wife and I are becoming parents (twins no less!) in December, 2012.  So, my workshops are limited to approximately 6-8 weekends per year, when I can bear to be away from all that cuteness…and diaper changes…and lack of sleep.

Will I be “certified” in Sports Massage after taking your class?

No.  But, you can say you have obtained “advanced training in sports massage.”  My courses will provide you with a certificate of completion.  To say you are “certified” would require a certificate of achievement, as defined by the NCBTMB (http://www.ncbtmb.org).  This involves coursework followed by an examination to display competence of the course material.

My issue with creating an examination for sports massage is that you would be certified by an individual (me), and not an organization.  At this time, I would really prefer if an organization provided a standard set of guidelines and examination for true sports massage certification (I’d love to be involved in this!).  Perhaps I will change my mind in the future, but I don’t want to clutter the continuing education landscape with yet another certification.

Is the course manual just copies of the slides?

Heck no!  Handouts like that drive me crazy.  The course manuals contain photos and detailed descriptions of each technique and treatment protocol we will cover in the workshop.  My goal was to provide you with a great reference guide, so you can remember the theory and application long after the course has ended.  Plus, you shouldn’t have to take detailed notes, but rather have the ability to listen, comprehend, and discuss the material that we will cover.

Will I learn magical techniques to fix people in one visit?

Sorry.  There are no magic bullet techniques.  I have put together what I believe are effective techniques that are also easy on our hands.  More importantly, we will focus on the functional anatomy, so you will know how to approach sports-related injuries using any massage technique you use now, or in the future.

Can you come to my city?

Possibly!  If you are interested in my course, please send me an email (info@musclewisdom.com).  I honestly take these requests into account as I plan my future schedule.