Muscle Wisdom provide in-person and online courses to improve the therapists understanding of sports related injuries. Corrective manual therapy techniques are not only effective but easy to learn and less-stressful on the therapist’s hands as traditional massage techniques.

Comments from Participants

“All of the techniques taught during the seminar were very valuable. I can see immediately how I can use what I learned with clients.” (Amy — Kalamazoo, MI)

“Earl was so knowledgeable and his background and experience enhanced the class greatly.” (Anonymous — Kalamazoo, MI)

“Showed a level of precision and attention to detail many other seminars lack. Also appreciated that you too time to make sure students were properly implementing techniques.” (Anonymous — Kalamazoo, MI)

“Absolutely loved this class! Not only was this academically informative, but all techniques I learned are applicable immediately for myself and my clients.” (Dale — Kalamazoo, MI)

“I really enjoyed Earl as an instructor. His obvious knowledge and experience really came through as confidence and a relaxed sense about himself!” (Barb — Cleveland, OH)

“This was an awesome class!! As a therapist whose focus will be sports massage, I learned a lot!! The course and Earl were extremely helpful. I appreciate his willingness to help and his calm, approachable demeanor.” (Cheryl — Detroit, MI)

“Not only was the course informative on the clinical side, but also business-wise. What a bonus!” (Sharyn — Detroit, MI)

“I loved how Earl ties all the individual moves into a full massage. Most of the time instructors will show you everything separately and its difficult to go home and tie them together.” (Samantha — Chicago, IL)

“Really enjoyed the depth of info on injuries. Very informative and fun.” (David — Charlotte, NC)

“Amazing workshop! Great instructor who knows his stuff. Well organized and took time with hands-on to make sure we were doing it right.” (Karen — Hartford, CT)

“Earl was clear, precise, and very interesting. This was the best class I’ve been to this year! I can’t wait to use this stuff on my clients when I get home.” (Lianne — Hartford, CT)

“Earl’s presentation style and manner of communication were clear, understandable, perfectly paced, and informative. Plenty of time was allowed for hands-on practice. Earl was very approachable and knowledgeable.” (Debra — Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

“Earl was a great instructor. Very fun and hands-on seminar. Would greatly recommend anyone interested in learning sports massage to attend.” (Kevin — Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

“This course by far has the most information I can take back and use on a daily basis. I’m usually happy if I can use 2 or 3 things from a course, so this was well worth my time and money.” (Anonymous — Los Angles, CA)

“This seminar was more than I anticipated. I am very pleased with all I learned and believe my work will be greatly enhanced.” (Julie — Indianapolis, IN)